Morocco City


One of the major city in Morocco, Casablanca is known for its vibrant business. There is a great place -Chawiyaplain, whichCasablanca is located on. Historically here been a great spot of resources in Morocco because of its environment. The Bouskoura forest is a famous natural attraction in the city. The forest is located halfway to the city's international airport, which planted in the 20th century. The forest consists by Eucalyptus, Palm and Pine trees.

With Atlantic Ocean on its side, Casablanca is hugely affected by the ocean. The climate is sort of Mild Mediterranean one. It is not too much heat and too cold in the winter. The weather is moderate and calm. Rain comes to Casablanca once a while with an average 74 days per year.

Casablanca is an important business city in Morocco and it is a hub for all transportations. Overall, it is very convenient and it is designed to be competitive with other major cities in the world.